Empath or Psychic?

An empath, or clairsentient, is someone who feels energy. A clairvoyant is someone who sees energy.

The problem with empathy is that it is such a low vibration; for people that are stuck in this ability it's kind of like, "oh my hair didn't dry fast enough — I think I'll just lay here on the couch rather than go to my meeting or class today."

This was the ability that I really started out with and most people can have it for themselves. In other words, there is universal permission in our culture to have this ability — it is called "gut instinct" and that is an apt term since most modern psychic schools consider this ability to be associated with the second chakra. You could also associate it with the 4th, although some people would probably disagree with those labels.

The second chakra is associated with emotions and sexuality.

Clairsentience is a real fun ability; you can jump into other people's space and get to experience what it's like to be them. You can feel any kind of energy you can imagine, birds, stars, trees, bugs, machines.

Most empaths with sensitivity issues/problems are actually out of control healers. Unfortunately you're not going to solve the problem of out of control empathy at the level of your second chakra. You need to work at the level of the sixth chakra and utilize your innate psychic tools to really bust all that unconscious programming and associated pictures. I think this idea intimidates a lot of people, but it's not that hard, especially when you make the commitment to meditate regularly and work with trained psychics. You don't have to be able to see perfectly to start using a grounding cord or other tools.

From a Clairvoyant perspective, being in the second chakra is an obstacle. You can't be neutral when you're in your emotions — and trying to read clairvoyantly from that space actually just produces randomness; the pictures you see end up having nothing to do with anything you're trying to look at.
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