Psychic Training


Everyone is psychic to a certain degree. How much you are consciously aware of your ability to visualize, see your truth, and access your spiritual information will vary depending upon many different factors. Even top psychics regularly get readings and do energy work and meditation with their peers.

Additionally, regular aura cleansing also has an immensely positive effect on your body and mind -- essentially releasing and cleaning other people's energy and emotions from your space. Making you feel lighter and rejuvenated.

Ironically, one of the biggest traps for being psychic is the "prove it" mentality popularized by naysayers. Someone who demands that you "prove it" will usually throw a bunch of invalidation energy in your space, because they are in competition with themselves. Competition, and invalidation, are the fastest way to destroy your psychic confidence. And like learning any other skill you want to focus on what is working, rather than beat yourself up for what isn't working so well at the moment. Pretty much anyone can be trained to be clairvoyant and see mental image pictures.

So you should really take any "psychic test" with a grain of salt, because it is simply a matter of how clean your inner space is; fundamentally, that determines how psychic you are able to be at any given moment. With regular meditation and clairvoyant training you can learn to be a top psychic yourself. Just like with regular training you can learn any other skill. Being psychic is no different.

Learning to be psychic means understanding how to operate from your upper chakras. In fact you can do psychic readings from your lower chakras, but your client will ask you a question about their personal life or relationship and if you are reading from your second chakra you will get responses like "pizza" and "ice cream" and tv celebrities, and all kinds of totally random stuff having to do with emotions, sexuality, and desire. In order to really read someone accurately you need to be in a space of neutrality. And that does require regular meditation.

And you also want to practice with people who have been doing professional readings for many years. You want to learn from the people that already have the tools, knowledge, and information to be clairvoyant. Want to learn to be psychic? Check out our upcoming classes.

Other Psychic Schools

This is a list of top psychic institutes around the world. If you feel really pulled toward a certain school it is likely that you have a considerable amount of karma with the people at that school. Many schools are founded on oral traditions and ahbor anything to do with writing. So it is important as a student to ask whether you will receive the information in a written form.

Debra Lynne Katz has made a large amount of the beginner clairvoyant training available in her books You are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic, and Awakening the Genie Within. Josh Schultz has also made available a very unique perspective on grounding in The Grounding Book.

Of course you can read all the books in the world, but you have to practice regularly with other clairvoyants to get the full benefit of the information. The advanced tools and information isn't really published anywhere though and you have to complete a clairvoyant training program to receive that stuff. All of these schools teach that information:

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