Psychic Grounding

A grounding cord is a very simple meditation tool used to connect you to the earth, much like tree roots connect a tree to the earth. It is a way of releasing energy and allowing you to feel comfortable in your body. Some people are calling this "earthing" nowadays. What does this concept have to do with being psychic? A grounding cord is the foundation upon which energy work lies.

Many people don't consciously know about the concept of grounding — so you might wonder: what is like without a grounding cord?

The first thing that tends to happen to people without grounding cords is that they will usually go "out of body." What happens is that when you get so much foreign crap in your aura and body (after years and years) you begin to feel different levels of pain and discomfort in the body; so the next logical step is to leave the body – to remove your awareness from it entirely. It is not a widely accepted concept in our culture yet that someone else's emotions may actually be in your body/space. But with a grounding cord you have the ability to release those energies and foreign emotions.

Now I have seen the following examples apply to both men and women:

What do women who don't have grounding cords do? Often times they talk…and talk and talk and talk some more. They end up having to verbalize and process all of the energy in their space that isn't theirs. Now sometimes women just like to do that for fun, but if they don't have a grounding cord it can turn into something they "have to do." The funny thing is that whether you are a man or a woman you don't actually have to fix, figure out, analyze, heal, or solve any of the problems, energies, or emotions in your space. With a grounding cord you can just let them go completely with total effortlessness.

If you can't be neutral to the emotions, energies, and pictures in your body and aura then what happens is that you tend to become controlled by them or start resisting them. And it is a lot easier to be in a space of neutrality when you are grounding and releasing energy that isn't yours.

What happens when a man doesn't have a grounding cord? If he is in a relationship what will tend to happen is that he will energetically connect into his girlfriend or spouse and dump all his unexpressed emotions and energy onto her; then he wonders why she acts "crazy" out of the blue or without reason. Ironically, when you know how to clairvoyantly read female energy women no longer appear crazy or irrational.

A man who has a strong grounding cord generally doesn't feel the need to express his emotions; it is not a concept that makes a whole lot of sense since he can just release them quickly. Why would he want to hold on to emotions and get all tangled up and involved with them? It doesn't make any sense. The vibration of simplicity makes much more sense to men on an energetic level and is actually a strong healing vibration for men.

See, to a man, female energy in his body tends to feel hysterical. Now that isn't always the case, but a lot of the time it is. The reason being that female energy tends to vibrate very fast and much higher than male energy. So a man who rests in the vibration of simplicity actually allows himself to separate from all of the female energy in his body and let go of the concept that problems are something he has to care about. This allows him to differentiate, and let go of, all the female energy in his aura and body that either wants to fix him or have him fix problems.

When you don't have a grounding cord it is easy to feel disconnected from the world around you — as if everything is a kind of dream or big joke. And sometimes that is actually a great healing space to be in as well — feeling the gaiety of the freedom of being a spirit rather than a body.

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